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SpectrumSolvers  v.6.10

Find best Spectral Estimation Method for a Power Spectral Density plot. A menu of 10+ spectral estimators from Steve Kay's textbook 'Modern Spectral Estimation' 1988 is available to choose from. Some estimator results differ dramatically!

Calories Counter  v.1.2.2001

Calories Counter is your personal food diary, a powerful and easy to use tool to track your daily food intake and workouts.


SSuite Envelope Printer  v.

Print addresses, return addresses, and simple labels on the most popular envelope sizes real quick and easy.

Take a Note  v.1.0

Jot down ideas, lists, random thoughts.

Sensible Note Taker  v.1.05

Organize your notes into different tabs, each with its own specialized content. Sensible Note Taker is the perfect software for making lists, jotting down quick thoughts, or keeping important information at your fingertips.

Simple Note Taker  v.

As its name states, this app let you take notes on the go quick and easy. Add, edit and delete your notes in few seconds. Pin any note to the start screen and access them from there. - New in version 1.1: Spanish

Note+  v.

Note+ is a simple yet delightful note-taking companion. Fast and fluid, it allows you to efficiently take quick notes and keep them organized without setting up anything. Its design is beautifully Modern, from app tile to page transitions, and it's

Measure Note  v.

Stop writing down measure notes on paper : take a photo with your Windows Phone, add lines, angle & caption, save & share ! Measure Note for Windows Phone is a must have for every engineers, carpenters, architects, auction sellers or construction

Post it Note Genie

Post it Note Software lets you write notes and post them to you computer monitor, the notes are automatically saved as you type them. Note options can be reached by right clicking on a note, Post Note Genie 2.1 Enables Notes to Stay On Top. It will also

Step by step Note teacher

Learning how to read musical notes and sheet music is easy and fun through this software. Step-By-Step Note Teacher is comprehensive tool for learning ,practicing ,enhancing abilities of reading musical notes. It emphasizes graduality ,motivation

Musical Note Tuner  v.1.0

Musical Note Tuner will replace your old guitar tuner. Just play any note on your guitar, and Musical Note Tuner will use your computer's microphone to display what note you are playing, and how close you are to hitting that precise note.

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